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Katya H. Bailor, MD

Vero Beach, Florida (772) 569-7800

Lip Enhancement

Full lips give the impression of youth and sensuality.

Many will agree that thin lips with small cracks or lines around them often detract from an otherwise youthful appearance. Lip enhancements have become quite popular today. Most patients discover that the before & after lip enhancement results can be quite dramatic. Vero Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa offers many options for lip enhancement.

What Creates that much desired Lip Enhancement Result?

  1. Plumping:

    Dr. Bailor may inject a “filler” into your lips so as to provide adequate results for Lip Enhancement. Only local anesthesia is needed, and because the needles used are very thin, most people experience little to no pain.

  2. Refining:

    Glycolic peels with our aesthetician, Christine Davies, are available to soften and refine the tissues on the lips. Depending on the treatment package chosen by the patient the plumping process may be repeated two to three more times if necessary.

  3. Laser Treatment:

    Fine lines around the lips can be resurfaced as a part of Dr. Bailor  Fraxel Re:store laser treatment. The laser creates invisible wounds in the dermal layer around the lips. When these tiny areas close and heal in a couple of weeks, the skin around the lips is smoother. This removes the fine lines, leaving the texture of the lips smooth, soft and supple.

  4. Surgery:

    Plumping can be accomplished with tissue grafts using muscle, dermis or fat. Dr. Kayta Bailor would be happy to talk with you in your consultation about your options.

How long does the treatment last?

Dermal Fillers for lips last between 6-24 months. Typically, Lip Enhancement like plumping with fillers is a relatively simple procedure. However, as with all surgical procedures, complications may occur. The most common complications are cold sore outbreak, infection, and more rapid re-absorption of the filler. Be sure to discuss all your concerns with Dr. Bailor or her nurse.

You may usually return to your regular routine immediately after a Lip Enhancement procedure using fillers. Swelling and bruising may last for a few days. Discomfort is reported as minimal and pain medication is often not required. Cold compresses or an ice pack can be helpful for the first 24 hours.