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Katya H. Bailor, MD

Vero Beach, Florida (772) 569-7800

Fat Transfer

We want you to love the way you look. Use our discreet online form to contact Dr. Bailor a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon about your facial rejuvenation.

How Can I Benefit From a Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer entails the removal of fat from an unwanted region of the body and transferring it to an area that can benefit from tissue enhancement. The fat is specially prepared and injected into various locations depending upon the patient’s needs, such as filling out facial hollows that occur with aging.

Where is the surgery performed and what kind of anesthesia is used?

Procedures are typically performed at our office-based surgery suite located at 1951 SW 172nd Ave, Ste. 205, Vero Beach, FL 32960. It is accredited through the State of Florida Department of Health/Board of Medicine. A variety of anesthetics are selected in accordance with the patient’s needs and the type of procedure performed. The most common types of anesthesia are IV sedation, oral anesthesia and local anesthetics. Dr. Bailor will discuss what is most appropriate for your procedure upon your consultation.

Vero Cosmetic is conveniently located in Vero Beach, FL at 1951 SW 172nd Ave, Ste. 205, on the west side of Indian River Medical Center. Please schedule a personal consultation to learn what a fat transfer can do for you. Simply call 954-442-5191 or request your free consultation online.